Thursday, March 31, 2016

6 Tips For Perfecting The Smoky Eye Technique

As women, we're always looking for the latest and greatest makeup techniques. Makeup trends tend to come and go with the years, but there are a few techniques that are withstanding the test of time. The "smokey eye technique" is a perfect example. Mysterious and alluring, this stellar makeup technique consistently wows both men and women alike. If you are still working on perfecting the technique, Serenity Medical Spa is here to help.

Basic Steps For Achieving Smoky Eyes
Before you can move on to any embellishments, you have to start with the basics. Here are the four basic steps that provide the perfect foundation for any smoky look:

Step #1: Apply A Light, Neutral Base
Your first step should be to use a wider, softer brush to apply a layer of a neutral color across your entire eyelid, from the lash line to the brow line. Soft pinks, beiges, or browns typically work well.

Step #2: Apply A Medium Color
Using a smaller brush, apply a medium color across your eyelid, but don't go higher than the crease. 

Step #3: Apply A Light Accent Color
Choose a very light color, such as light pink or white, and apply it just underneath your brow. This will make your brows seem higher and more arched.

Step #4: Apply A Dark Eyeshadow Liner
Outline your eyes in a dark, smoky eyeshadow (as opposed to a traditional liner). This should be applied along both your upper and lower lash line. Be heavier on the outer sides of your eyes, and lighter on the inner sides.

Embellishing Tips
Now that the basic groundwork has been laid, it's time to ramp things up to the next level Here are a few tips to help you embellish and perfect your dramatic smoky look.

Tip #1: Blend (A Lot!)
The secret to spectacularly smoky eyeshadow is to blend it so that each color flows seamlessly into the next. Take a small brush (or your fingertip) and run across the borders between each of the colors until the distinguishing lines disappear. Don't forget to smudge the shadow along your lower lash line as well.

Tip #2: Don't Be Afraid To Lighten Up
If you want to make your eyes really pop, consider using a very light color (such as the one you used along your brow line) to trace your inner lash lines. This splash of brighter color makes your eyes seem bigger and brighter.

Tip #3: Experiment With Color
Classic browns, beiges, and pinks will always work well for smoky eyes, but don't be afraid to try other options as well. Depending on your skin tone, using various shades of purple or green eyeshadow could be a great way to add some dramatic flair.

Tip #4: Use Eyeliner To Create A Darker, More Dramatic Look
A basic smoky eye can be accomplished simply by using eyeshadow, but tracing the very base of your lash line with pencil or liquid eyeliner can be a great way to make your eyes darker and more dramatic.

Tip #5: Be Generous With Your Mascara
Any eye makeup aficionado will claim that mascara completes the look. They're generally correct, but they're particularly accurate when it comes to the smoky eye look. Applying a generous coating of mascara to your lashes will make them seem longer, thicker, and more luscious - the perfect accent to your already stunningly smoky look.

Tip #6: Consider The Season
You may want to opt for a darker or lighter smoky look, depending on the time of year (or time of day, for that matter). Since spring is here, many women are working on perfecting a lighter look. This quick tutorial can help you master it:

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