Friday, July 8, 2016

9 Summer Makeup Secrets

The summer sun naturally does great things for our complexions, but not so much for our makeup. No one wants to have their makeup smear or run down their face due to the heat. Our makeup experts at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to help you with some tips to help your makeup look last this summer! 

1. Go For A Natural Look

Keeping your makeup to a natural tone is a good idea in the summer. Heavy, dark shades are very noticeable if they do run a little. The summer months are a great time to be carefree– don’t be afraid to take this mindset into your makeup decisions as well.

2. Primer, Primer, Primer

Using a foundation primer is a great way to help keep your makeup in place. This may reduce any smearing or running by prepping the skin for application. Eye primer is another great product for the summer months. This helps keep eye shadow and liner in place when exposed to the heat.

Jane Iredale Dream Tint

3. Consider A Tinted Moisturizer

Using less makeup during the summer months can help reduce the chance if it running. A tinted moisturizer gives you a little bit of coverage without the weight of normal foundation.

4. Invest In Water-Resistant Mascara

The summer months are full of opportunities to be in the water, whether it is the pool, lake, or even the ocean. A water-resistant mascara is a great way to help prevent black streaks from running down your face. This aids in preventing water or sweat from ruining your polished look.

5. Master The Liquid Eyeliner

We recommend using a liquid eyeliner during the summer because once it is set, it typically stays put. An eye pencil can sometimes run when exposed to heat, which may not be the look you wish to accomplish.

6. Tinted Lip Balm Vs Gloss

In the heat of the summer, a lip gloss can become sticky and smear easily. A tinted lip balm is a great alternative when it is hot out. You still get the great color options as a gloss without the heaviness. This also helps prevent losing all of your color when taking a drink or using a napkin.

7. Avoid Shimmer Products

A shimmer product on the skin may create the appearance of being too shiny in the summer months. Your skin may appear more oily or sweaty than it actually is, and let’s be honest, most people do not want that!
Jane Iredale Facial Blotting Papers

8. Apply A Loose Setting Powder

Setting your makeup with a loose powder can help keep it in place once it is applied. This may help prevent some running or smearing once you are out in the higher temperature.

9. Keep Oil-Absorbing Sheets Near

Facial blotting sheets are a nice product to keep in your purse during the summer. You can simply blot the oil that builds up more in the summer months off of your face throughout the day. This is sometimes better than reapplying powder to the face as adding additional makeup can sometimes add to the problem.

Applying too much makeup in the summer months can lead to a melty disaster if you get caught out in the heat. Keeping these makeup tips and products in mind when applying makeup this summer can help ensure you keep a nice and polished look, no matter what temperature it is outside. Serenity Medical Spa offers event makeup services to help make your makeup flawless for your upcoming summer events. We also carry the Jane Iredale makeup line so we can provide our customers with high quality, trusted makeup options. Call us at (573) 365-5002 for a consultation or stop by to check out our products for all of your summer beauty needs. 
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