Wednesday, October 26, 2016

6 Ways to Avoid Skin Damage from Halloween Makeup

As one of the more creative holidays approaches, many of our clients ask about taking care of their skin. You can still achieve an impressive makeup that coordinates with a show-stopping costume, while protecting your skin from damage. Your makeup experts at the Lake of the Ozarks have provided some tips to care for your skin as you get dressed up this Halloween.

1) Keep Skin Well Moisturized

Before you apply any makeup this Halloween, be sure to treat the skin with a moisturizer. This can help your makeup last longer, and create a barrier between the makeup and your skin. Be sure to keep up a good moisturizing regimen after your remove your makeup, to help repair any damage that has been caused from the additional product on your skin.

2) Utilize Quality Makeup

Try to purchase a makeup of high quality to use on your skin this Halloween. While it can be easy to skimp on the makeup to go with your costume this year, your skin will be feeling the damaging effects. Stage or theatrical makeup is made specifically for costume use and contains FDA approved ingredients that are easier on your skin and cause less damage to your pores.

3) Test Your Makeup Prior to Dressing Up

Before you prepare your look for a night out in disguise, test your makeup on a small patch of your skin. The last thing you want to happen is an allergic reaction, as you head out for the night. Always check the expiration date of makeup you apply to your face, as it can cause damage or have an unpleasant odor.

4) Remove Makeup Promptly

As soon as possible, remove your Halloween makeup creation to allow your skin to properly breathe. You should never go to sleep without removing makeup any day of the year, especially on Halloween, when many tend to use more or different makeup than usual. You and your fresh skin will be thankful you removed the makeup before going to sleep.

5) Watch the Sugar Intake

While many fill up on candy and sugary treats this time of year, try to monitor your sugar intake. Sugar can cause breakouts on the skin to occur. If you do indulge in some treats this Halloween, counter with plenty of water. Drinking water will help your entire body, skin included, to stay hydrated and healthy.

6) Invest In A Facial Treatment

After the festivities this Halloween weekend, visit Serenity Medical Spa for a luxurious facial. Our facial options can help cleanse your facial tissue, deep down, to remove impurities and dirt that have buildup from your makeup this holiday. Schedule your appointment ahead of time to ensure your skin will have a fresh start after your Halloween costume makeup.

Properly preparing and removing your Halloween makeup this year can help you avoid damaging effects to your skin. While you want to create an amazing look to go with your costume, we know that protecting your skin from damage is important as well. The best medical spa in Lake Ozark, MO is here to help you with your skincare before and after the holiday. Have a fun, safe, and festive Halloween weekend from your friends at Serenity Medical Spa!

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