Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Ultimate Makeup Gift Guide

We are in the midst of the gift giving season! If you still have a few items to pick up for that special someone, let Serenity Medical Spa help you make your selections. The recipient of our luxury makeup line, Jane Iredale, will be pleased that you put the effort into finding a gift that she can enjoy on a daily basis. No matter what your price range is, we can help meet your gift giving needs this year. To assist, the expert medical spa at the Lake of the Ozarks has provided some of our popular makeup gifts this year.

Gift-Worthy Kits:

Eye Shadow Kit 

Our Jane Iredale makeup line features a popular eye shadow kit that your gift recipient can use to create gorgeous, natural looking eyes that stand out. With the deeply colored, long lasting shadows, her look can last all day and into the evening.

Eyebrow Kit

The Jane Iredale GREATSHAPE™ Eyebrow Kit can help create the perfect brows that are smooth and soft. The natural texture applies nicely for a lasting look.

Eye Steppes®

Our silky smooth eye shadows can be chosen to coordinate perfectly with the eye color or skin tone of that special someone. With five shades in the compact kit, the kit is created to pair nicely with your features.

Starter Kits

Choose from one of our Starter Kit shades to introduce the foundation line for your gift this holiday season. The makeup starter kit gives the chance to discover just how beautiful your skin can look in our quality makeup.

Stocking Stuffers:

Hydration Spray Mini

The limited edition, purse sized hydration sprays have been a fan favorite this holiday. Perfect for on the go touch ups, easily refresh and protect the skin with these three mini sprays.

Magic Mitt®

With our Jane Iredale mitt, quickly and effectively remove every trace of makeup without any soap or cleanser. Our knitted micro-fiber cloth only needs water to remove oil and grime, along with makeup that builds up throughout the day.

Gold Dust

Our 24-Karat gold dust leaves a shimmering look for the cheeks, lips, and eyes. The dust adds glimmer to any look, making the perfect gift this holiday season.

Eye Shere®

The Jane Iredale liquid eye shadow leaves a shimmery, yet silky look to accent your eyes. The smooth and luxurious cream is crease resistant and dries quickly for a smear-free look.

Sugar & Butter Lips

Our lip exfoliator / plumper duo leaves your lips oh-so-kissable and smooth. For a rejuvenated look with a smooth and moist feel, see and experience the difference with this sugar & butter lip exfoliator/plumper in our Jane Iredale makeup line.

Now that you have seen some of the products that make the perfect gift for that special someone, you are ready to finish up your Christmas shopping! With a limited time left before the holiday, come visit us at Serenity Medical Spa today to make your gift selections. The makeup experts in Lake Ozark, MO can help you pick out the perfect presents for your loved ones. For all of your gift giving needs this holiday season, visit the best medical spa at the Lake of the Ozarks.

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