Friday, May 5, 2017

Quick Tips for Flawless Makeup

Want to recreate a professional makeup look, on a daily basis? Our makeup experts at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to help you out! While our high-quality makeup line, Jane Iredale, can help you achieve the flawless look you're after, application technique is just as important! Stop by our medical spa in Lake Ozark, MO to see our selection of Jane Iredale Makeup, as well as learn our techniques to help you achieve your professional look.


When concealing any flaws or dark spots, dab a bit of your favorite Jane Iredale concealer on the spot you are trying to cover. Then blend this makeup into the skin, for a more natural look. A concealer is a great way to cover up blemishes on your skin and brighten up any uneven skin tones that may occur below the eyes.


Use a tool to apply your foundation to your skin. This can help ensure even application, whether you prefer a sponge or brush to apply the foundation. A light layer of foundation can help even out skin tones, as well as give a flawless base for the rest of your look.


Apply powder with a padded sponge, that usually comes with your powder compact. Dab the powder onto the shinest spots on your face, first. This will usually be the T-zone and the powder can help keep oil and shine in check.


When applying bronzer to your face, ensure you lightly brush over the entire face. This can help keep an even tone all over your face. Also add a little bronzer to your neck and chest to ensure a consistent look.


The key to applying blush is to smile! Dust the apples of your cheeks with your blush brush and sweep the color upward (toward the tops of your ears). After you've reached your ear, you can sweep downward, toward your jawline to help frame your face.


An eyebrow pencil comes in handy for defining your brow line. Trace around the brow and then fill in with pencil or powder. You can give the appearance of a different eyebrow shape, when you apply makeup to your brows.


The ideal way to apply lip product is to start in the middle and work outward to the corners and then repeat this method on the bottom lip. After you've applied the lipstick, you can blot it and make any touch ups that are needed.

Eye Shadow

It's important to prep your eye shadow. You can do so with a matte base color or a cream eye shadow base. This helps to keep shadow in place, as well as provide a great base for optimum color appearance.


To start the application, place the liner along your eyelid waterline on the inside and work your way outward. This can help ensure even tone from start to finish, as well as give a consistent look throughout.


A great mascara can really help your eyes pop. To apply, sweep the wand through the roots of your eye lashes and move the wand back and forth as you move to the tips, to distribute the most mascara to your lashes as possible.

You're now ready to start playing around with your new makeup from Serenity Medical Spa! Try out the above tips for flawless makeup application. If you want a more hands-on makeup tutorial, schedule a session with our makeup professionals at Serenity Medical Spa. We're here for all of your makeup needs at the Lake and look forward to helping you create your flawless look this spring and summer!

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