Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bizarre Beauty Traditions Around The World

When you think of a beautiful individual, what comes to mind? Most people in America think of slender physiques, even skin tones, bright eyes, and luxurious hair. It seems hard to think of beauty in any other way, but the truth is that the reason we consider these characteristics as "beautiful" is because they are ones our culture idolizes - different countries around the world all have different definitions. This week, Serenity Medical Spa is here to share with you some of the different beauty traditions from around the world. You may find some of them a bit surprising!

Though Chinese people are often much shorter than Americans, height is viewed as a symbol of status and authority in the Chinese culture. In order to be taller, some men and women undergo (rather painful) leg-lengthening procedures to add a few inches to their height. Fair skin tones are also idolized, and many women spend a great deal of money on skin-lighteners.

Similar to the U.S., many people in France believe that a very thin physique is most desirable. Unlike some women in the U.S., however, many French women strive to achieve a completely natural-looking beauty and are often surprised by how much makeup American women wear.

Australia (along with some European countries) still follows one health and beauty tradition from long ago - one that would make many modern Americans cringe. The tradition involves attaching leeches to the human body. They believe that the leeches help with a variety of health problems, including muscle tension, arthritis, and blood circulation issues.

The Iranian culture is almost obsessed with rhinoplasty, a plastic surgery procedure designed to enhance the nose. Women and men alike seek out this procedure to improve their physical appearance as well as their social status. In fact, some individuals leave the bandages on longer than necessary to show off the fact that they have had the procedure done. Other individuals sometimes even wear fake bandages.

Like China, many women in Japan idolize pale skin and do everything they can to minimize their exposure to the sun's rays. Smooth skin is also a top priority, but instead of the collagen injections typically used in the States, some people in Japan make a habit of eating collagen-infused food. Straight hair is also idolized, and some women permanently straighten their hair with the use of heat and certain chemicals. 

Wider hips were traditionally considered highly desirable in women, but Western ideals have begun infiltrating their culture. Today, Brazilian women as a whole have become almost obsessed with thinness. According to an article on, Brazil is now the largest consumer of diet pills in the world and the average weight of Brazilian women is between 110 and 125 pounds.

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