Friday, August 12, 2016

All The Hype About Contouring

If you feel beautiful and confident about the appearance of your skin, that radiance can shine through in every aspect of your life. The makeup experts in Lake Ozark, MO want to encourage confidence and help make you feel beautiful. Beauty is our business at Serenity Medical Spa, we have provided some helpful steps to achieve a highlight and contour to help enhance your natural beauty.

What is Contouring & Highlighting?

If a contour and highlight is applied correctly, it can help enhance your facial features and many times adds a slimming affect. Contour means to outline a shape, when this is applied to makeup terms, it means to create shadows. Adding a highlight to your face helps to enhance the contour lines and bring out a specific features.
Jane Iredale - Liquid Minerals Foundation

How to Achieve the Look:

Step 1: Prep Skin
Apply an overall moisturizer to help prepare your skin before starting your makeup routine. Ensuring a moisturized base is applied to your face can help keep all makeup in place throughout the day.

Step 2: Apply Foundation
Cover your face with foundation, as you normally would. This helps even out skin tone and creates a great base to ensure the contour and highlight can stand out.

Step 2: Use Darker Tone to Contour
Select a contour color that is a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. Apply your contour along the hair line, underneath the cheekbones, and along the jawline and neck. Some artists will apply a solid line, while others prefer a dotted line to achieve this look.

Step 3: Apply Highlight
Jane Iredale - Loose Mineral Powder
A highlight should be one or two shades brighter than your natural facial tone. This should be added under eyes, on the chin, across forehead, and along the bridge of your nose. Highlighting these areas helps illuminate your facial feature, making them stand out.  

Step 4: Overall Blend
Take a sponge and dab the defined contour and highlight lines to smooth them out into skin around it. Blending these together helps create a more natural look.

Step 5: Set Your Look
Lastly, apply a light powder to help set your overall look. This can assist in making your makeup last all day without any smears or running. If you desire, you can also add some blush to the apples of your cheek to help them pop.

Our Jane Iredale makeup line can help you achieve a beautifully contoured look with our high quality makeup. Visit Serenity Medical Spa for all of your makeup advice and product needs. Whether you are preparing for a night out with the girls, a nice dinner date, or an everyday look, we want to help our clients look and feel beautiful.  Now that you know the steps, you are ready to head out with your new flawless, contoured look from Serenity Medical Spa! 
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